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Emma Reinagel is an actor, singer, and writer born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. She graduated from Missouri State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Acting, and after gaining various professional feature film, short film, commercial, and theatre credits, Emma relocated to Los Angeles, California. She is passionate about creating her own work, whether that be in writing, directing, producing, or songwriting, and helping others do the same.

She is represented theatrically by Courtney Peldon with Aqua Talent, commercially by Ted Maier with Avalon Artists Group, managed by Peter Scott with Torque Entertainment, and represented locally in St. Louis by Caitlin Tadlock with Talent Plus.

Current Projects

-Jennifer in The Abduction of Sal Bedford dir. Erin Castrapel and Aron Meinhardt shot in May 2024 currently in post-production

-Kelsey in Quiet After Supper dir. Frankie Tejada shot in May 2024 currently in post-production

-Olivia in Trunk dir. Jack Villhard shot in May 2024 currently in post-production

-Lily in Such a Lovely Place dir. Katie Brady-Golden shot in June 2023 currently in post-production

-Mara in Reading dir. Sophia Indelicato shot in January 2024 currently in post-production

-Emily in Chore Chart dir. Jack Villhard shot in September 2023 currently in post-production

-Claire in Shadowbox dir. Emma Reinagel and Sophia Indelicato shot in August 2022 currently in post-production

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Recent Projects

--Ari in The Cardinal and the Computer dir. Scott Fitzloff currently in festivals

-Maggie in Free Spirit dir. Adam and Ryan Santa Cruz currently in festivals

-Debbie in Lyon dir. Daniel Carsenty now streaming

-Elisabeta in Monster Mash dir. Jose Prendes now streaming

-Sophie in The Exorcists dir. Jose Prendes now streaming 

-Chloe Hines in Arctic Armageddon dir. James Mahoney now streaming

-Kelly Reynolds in Prepare to Die dir. Jose Montesinos now streaming

-Emma in Arabesque dir. Pan Luo currently in festivals 

-Jess in Vision dir. Steve Dawson currently in festivals 

-Rachel in The Electro-Rocker dir. Chris Edgar currently in festivals 


-Ashlyn in Cinderella in the Caribbean dir. Brian Brough now streaming

-Hadley Briggs in Happy Halloween dir. Brittney Greer currently in festivals 

-Naomi in Trashy dir. Alyssa Standen currently in festivals 

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